I recently finished recording a verse for a song called “Forwards” by Nes One featuring Influence and myself!  It will be on Nes One’s album ‘MK ULTRA’!

Here’s the lyrics to my verse:

Magnets to masters / Combat the masses

Analog extractors / Missin’ the X factor

Calibrate the reel / Dust off the actors

Underground assassins / Blast from the rafters

Sniper in the steeple / Blast for the evil axis

Snatch from the people / Don’t have to flash shit

But I see through like Vickie’s Secret / These Mr. Me Toos

Claimin’ deep shit but they sketchy like free food

But I don’t sweat em / I can handle all the hater bots

I just switch channels like a pre fader ch.op

I summons Mr. Neve cause I need major knock

For hip hop First Ave be my favorite spot

I don’t shit blood that’s cheetos flamin hot

I miss my ex broad because she came a lot

I like it grimey like Sondra and Elvin’s spot

Product of the meltin’ pot

So cold I’m Kelvin hot

– D E Cap

MK ULTRA from Nes One coming soon!!!!!!

Check the links on the right to check out music from Nes One and Influence



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