Random video of the week!

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie “splains” to you ghostnotes and 16th Notes. Bernard Purdie is the most recorded drummer in the world.  This is both musically dope and hilarious at the same time!!!


One thought on “Random video of the week!

  1. Now that’s wassup. I’ve been a drummer all my life and it was amazing to see the (re) birth of an area of my love that I enjoy so much. Syncopation, riding the beat, or just plain old jammin- whatever you want to call it. Lovin it! But as I
    Iistened to him work, I wondered- maybe its not just an immense talent with wordplay that allows some folks to spit “hot fire”, but maybe more so an innate understanding/respect for what you hear/feel and understanding of the ways you can play with it and make it your own.

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