Mixtape of the week: Bad Boy Vol. IV (’96 throwback)

BAD BOY LOGOOh how I miss 1996!  Got my drivers license, got my first piece of tail,  started blazing (remember how blowed you got when you first started?), was making good money for my age, rocked the fake Tag Heuers from Soho(Mpls), hung out downtown at the City Center, can’t forget about the Skyway movie theater, but what I love best about ’96 is the HIP HOP!  It was crazy!  Biggie, Jay, Nas, and Pac were all hot!  Can’t forget about what Rae & Ghost were doing to the game, or how De La, The Roots, and The Fugees were holding shit down! I remember that’s when I first started coping mix tapes (actual cassettes).  I used to go to the record store on Broadway over north (Mpls.); I think it was called Upstairs Records or something like that (It’s Digital City now).  That’s where I got my pager, my ‘Banned From TV’ & ‘I’m Bout It’ VHS tapes, and my mixtapes! I remember getting tapes by Doo Wop, Evil Dee, Lazy K, and DJ Clue… clue… clue!  So, I found this mixtape earlier this year, on the internet, that I had back in ’96, and I downloaded it.  Bad Boy Vol. IV mixed by DJ S&S came out right after 2Pac dropped “Hit Em Up” and the Bad Boy/Death Row rivalry had the media going crazy!  The mixtape was dope, but I think this is when I started to dislike how Puffy made moves.  In the media, he was on some no comment/ bad boys move in silence/ we’re not trying to start trouble type shit, but on the intro to this mixtape, he is talking mad shit to Pac and Death Row!!!  It also had the song “Niggaz Done Started Something” with The Lox, DMX, and Murder Mase two years before DMX’s first album came out  with the same song on it.  In ’98 it just sounded like a hard ass song, but in ’96, it sounded a lil more like a battle record towards Death Row!  Anyway, those are the reasons I decided to post this one.  Oh yeah, it has “Put It In Your Mouth” on it too!  Classic.



  1. Stop Yappin’ Intro – Puff Daddy
  2. The Things You Do (Remix) – Gina Thompson
  3. Freestyle – The Lox
  4. Put It In Your Mouth – Akinyele
  5. If I Ruled The World – Nas
  6. Stay With Me (Remix)– Shai
  7. Can’t Knock The Hustle – Jay-Z
  8. Only You (Remix) – Monifah (feat. McGruff)
  9. Come See Me – 112 (feat. Mr. Cheeks)
  10. Itsoweezee – De La Soul
  11. Studda Step – Biz Markie
  12. Therapy – Heltah Skeltah
  13. Shoutouts – Puff Daddy
  14. Talkin Shit – Puff Daddy
  15. Freestyle – Notorious B.I.G.
  16. Niggaz Done started Somethin’ – DMX (feat. The Lox & Ma$e)
  17. Freestyle – Black Rob
  18. Only You (Remix) -112 (feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Ma$e)
  19. Semi-Automatic Full Metal Jackets – Wu-Tang Clan
  20. Brooklyn’s Finest – Jay-Z (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)


If you just want to hear Puffy talking shit you can listen and/or download below:

Stop Yappin’ Intro

Talking Shit

R.I.P. 2Pac & Notorious B.I.G.


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