The Circus Is In Town!

I recently finished recording a verse for a song called “The Circus is in Town” featuring  D-E Cap!  It will be on Tezmichael aka Young Tezo’s upcoming album ‘Thought’s of an Aquarius’!

Here’s the lyrics to my verse:

What they tryn’ to tell us / Who the MVPs of MPLS

Don’t ask if we high / Cause you can smell us

There’s addicts in the cellar / Sellin’ weed to the sellers

Roles reversed / Show’s rehearsed / They fooled these fellas

Thought they was wiseguys / Slept on cats my size

Now they beat up / They girl end up in my ride

And I ain’t even got a whip / What that mean?

I got a lot of spit / It’s my time and nigga they alloted it

Been doubted ten years and still talk a lot of shit

Hey yo Tez / We can call out a lot of kids

Ain’t gotta do that / but we can prove that

I just moved back / Get them dollas kid / Make a Mill from 2 stacks

Form ‘Black Ice’ / Make ’em slip fold like jack knives

Stomp ’em out in streets / Like police do crack pipes

I’m snappin’ on M.C.’s like bagdad bagpipes

And I ain’t gonna act right / Until my stack right!

– D E Cap

Tezmichael aka Young Tezo’s album ‘Thoughts of an Aquarius’ is coming out early 2010!!!



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