Mixtape of the week: Redman – Funk From Hell



  1. Freestyle
  2. Machine Gun Funk (ft. Notorious B.I.G.)
  3. Freestyle (ft. Keith Murray & EPMD) – DJ Clue mix
  4. Freestyle (ft. Whoo Kid)
  5. Whatcha Gonna Do (ft. Mack 10 & W.C.)
  6. Don’t Make No Sense (ft. Def Squad)
  7. Rap Scholar (ft. Das Efx) – Original Version
  8. Whateva Man – Rare Remix
  9. Come and Get It (ft. Lady Luck)
  10. Freestyle (ft.Keith Murray)
  11. Doin’ It (ft. Busta Rhymes & DJ Green Lantern)
  12. W.K.Y.A. (ft. Saukrates)
  13. Headbanger (ft. EPMD & K-Solo)
  14. Freestyle (ft. German Lugar & Icadon)
  15. Freestyle (ft. Tony Touch)
  16. Stretch Armstrong Promo (ft. Tame One & Rah Digga)
  17. The Promo – Unreleased
  18. Where Am I
  19. Throw Your Hands In The Air (ft. Cypress Hill)
  20. Freestyle (ft. Drunken Master)
  21. Urban Legends (ft. Drunken Master & Bugsy)
  22. Funkorama
  23. Pick It Up – Remix
  24. The Message (ft. Icarus) Funkmaster Flex
  25. Bad Boy Freestyle
  26. Brown Sugar Freestyle (ft. Method Man)
  27. Funkorama (ft. Erick Sermon) – Double Green remix
  28. Super Freestyle (ft. Method Man & Funkmaster Flex)



2 thoughts on “Mixtape of the week: Redman – Funk From Hell

  1. Just because you named your blog after Redman’s latest mixtape doesn’t make your shit official!!!! If it’s not on http://www.funkdoc.com or on some GillaHouse site, I don’t think it’s official! I’m just trying to spread love to my friends and put people up on Red! Stop hatin’!!!!

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