Drunkle Beats! Presice -Up All Night

Oh Shit!  I was uploading a video to YouTube, and when I was watching it after the upload was finished, it had this video on the side.  I gave this beat to a rapper from New Jersey named Presice back in ’06 or ’07.  I emailed him a .wav file the almost final version of t he beat, and he said the file was too big .  ?!?!?!?  So, he asked me to enable the download option on myspace.  OK, whatever.  He got the beat and recorded to it.  It’s dope, but I wish I could have got him a mixed down version on a file not dwnlded from myspace.  Anyway, I ended up losing the multi-track of this beat, so it is what it is.


One thought on “Drunkle Beats! Presice -Up All Night

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