D-E CAP!!!! “Frankie’s Back” 2005 mixtape

I finally got the balls to post this!!! HA! But on the real, I recorded this in Lincoln, CA (right outside of Sacramento) between 2003 and 2005.  I had no experience with audio, recording, or even computers.  I didn’t even have an email address until ’05!  Listening back, and all things considered, I am satisfied with the results.  There will be videos talking about the process of how this came together, and videos discussing certain songs coming soon!  Download and enjoy!


Tracklist after the jump…

The Mighty Avalon Presents:

“Frankie’s Back: The Mixtape”

Featuring D-E CAP


  1. Frankie’s Back (Intro)
  2. It’s Like That
  3. Plans – ft.Mr. Blunt (Beat by Drunkle Beats)
  4. It’s Magic
  5. Break Me Up – ft. Illshine & K No Dis (Beat by Illshine)
  6. The Days
  7. Lost
  8. Used To – ft. Mr. Blunt
  9. The Best
  10. Drink Wit Y’all – ft. Mr. Blunt (Beat by Illshine)
  11. Smoke
  12. On A Mission – ft. Illshine & K No dis (Beat by Illshine)
  13. You Ain’t A MC [Nisus diss] (Beat by Drunkle Beats)
  14. Get Over It – Nisus [Response to ‘You Ain’t A MC’] (vocals by his slut of a sister)
  15. 52 Pick Up – [Reponse to ‘Get Over It’]
  16. Telly Thuggin’ – ft. Mr. Blunt (Beat by Drunkle Beats)
  17. Don’t Hate Me (Beat By Illshine)
  18. Freak Inside (Beat chopped by Drunkle Beats)
  19. Grimey (Beat by Drunkle Beats)
  20. Mr. Bush (Beat chopped by Drunkle Beats)
  21. Drunkle Beat Sampler (2005)


download is a .zip file containing mp3s.

“The Death Of Frankie” mixtape is dropping 12/24/10


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